jenny’s garden

Each year, probably at least twice, I am lured to photograph the dreamland of our neighbor Jenny’s garden.

nature’s sketchbook photo art blends 1 (photo transfer texture)

Her ENTIRE backyard is a haven of paths, perennials, woodland creatures, bird houses, luscious scents, and buzzing bees.

In return, I gift her with images. Pretty awesome deal.

nature’s sketchbook photo art blends 4 (bokeh overlay/texture)

Here are some captured with my Canon 7D and Control Freak Lensbaby.

Selective focus achieved with the Lensbaby assists in capturing the other-worldliness of this haven.

stylin’ seniors

Haven’t posted any recent senior shoots, so want to get caught up! I take on a limited number of seniors each summer, and loved this year’s…

Here are some faves…lots to share, so click on thumbnails to open lightbox viewer.

gifts of the garden…

Painter’s Canvas Photo Art Blends 5, Positive Vibe (word art)

Each year I am gifted with organic produce from a neighbor in exchange for photographing his bounty. What a blessing to our family he is!

Nature’s Sketchbook Photo Art Blends 3, Scrap.Templates 36

Nature’s Sketchbook Photo Art Blends 3

See my blog post on making wall art out of these images on our Cottage Arts’ blog here.

And, here are some favorite garden shots from this year. All shot with Canon 7D and most with Canon 50/1.8 lens.

taste of st. cloud no.2

Honored to be asked again to shoot the second annual Taste of St. Cloud event, sponsored by the Franciscan Community Volunteers.

Such a lively event on the cusp of spring, beautifully backdropped by the rolling hills of Territory Golf Club.

With over 800 attendees, live music, and some of central Minnesota’s tastiest vendors, it was a bustling evening for sure!

A photo re-cap of last year’s event can be viewed here.

san francisco…

Some commercial work I wanted to share of the magnificent city by the bay…

The lyrics by Tony Bennett do such a beautiful job portraying its draw for so many…

I left my heart in San Francisco

High on a hill, it calls to me.

To be where little cable cars

Climb halfway to the stars!

The morning fog may chill the air

I don’t care!

My love waits there in San Francisco

Above the blue and windy sea

When I come home to you, San Francisco,

Your golden sun will shine for me!